Nokomis Volunteer Fire Department



2012 Oneida County Fire Department of the Year


Serving the Town of Nokomis in Oneida County, Wisconsin

The Nokomis Volunteer Fire Department currently averages 32 members; including Firefighters, Emergency Medical First Responders, Secretary, Junior Firefighters and Support Personnel. We average 100 emergency calls a year with 60% of the calls being emergency medical calls. Twenty of the members are trained in firefighting and rescue skills, and 18 of the members are trained as Emergency Medical First Responders. All Responders are equipped with a pager and a portable radio, and the Emergency Medical First Responders have a medical bag and oxygen equipment. With the volunteers living all around our community, this helps us provide a quick response in an emergency. We also receive and provide automatic mutual aid with our neighboring fire departments to ensure an adequate response in an emergency.


Our main protection area is the Town of Nokomis in Oneida County; we are a rural Northwood’s community of 36 square miles with a population of approximately 1,500 full time residents. Our community has a mixture of families, retirees and seasonal residents, the population more than doubles on weekends during the summer months. Many of the seasonal homes are becoming year around homes and new homes are popping up throughout the community as people move up north from the cities. Our area is heavily forested with large pine and hardwoods and with the many homes we are a considerable wild land / urban interface area for wild land fire threats.


Our department is based upon volunteer personnel with a deep commitment to the community in which we live and raise our families. We have a great group of volunteers in the department willing to respond at a moments notice to an emergency in our community. Of course emergency calls hardly ever come when it’s convenient, there have been many sleepless nights, missed dinners, and interrupted family activities. Being a member also requires time to keep the fire department running smoothly, such as attend meetings, trainings, maintenance, work sessions, fire prevention, public education, and fundraising. We take a lot of pride in our department and the equipment we have been able to put together for our community. The work can be hard and dangerous, but also rewarding and enjoyable. We joined because we have a deep belief that helping people in their time of need is the compassionate thing to do, and that life over everything else must be held in the highest regard.


Located at 2675 Hwy L, Tomahawk, WI 54487