Training and equipment will be provided. Answer the Call!
For additional information, call Chief Don Richert at 715-499-3854.


Applying to be a Member


Membership applications are available by contacting a member of the department or stopping at the fire station Monday evenings between 7:00 and 9:00 PM. When the application is returned it is reviewed by the chief and personnel committee, the background check is completed, and an interview is scheduled. Upon acceptance to the department the member must first serve a minimum of 6 month probation period and complete the basic training.



“Answer the Call”   Being a Volunteer

Pride, excitement, challenge. Volunteering for fire and rescue service offers committed individuals the opportunity to experience one of the most diverse and challenging professions today. The emergency services provided by the volunteer fire service include providing prompt medical care, fire suppression, vehicle extrication (“jaws of life”), water rescues and other types of specialty rescues, and responding to other 911 dispatched calls. It’s exciting, exhilarating and rewarding!


The personal rewards and satisfaction each of us receives from volunteer service are often beyond description. The sense of accomplishment after controlling a building fire, the joy and elation when a child is born, the compassion for accident victims, the fulfillment of teaching fire safety and prevention-the list goes on.

This is what volunteers say about “Answering the Call” and being part of a team:

I didn’t realize how rewarding it would be. And the more I get involved, the more rewarding it seems. And I guess I wasn’t sure I would be any good at it.


I had no idea it would take as much time as it has. I also did not know how much I would enjoy it and how many people I would meet and friends I would make. My only regret is that I did not start volunteering sooner because of how rewarding it is for me.


It has been eye opening. I did not know what these people did or the responsibility they have on their shoulders. I am humbled by their efforts on my behalf as a citizen. And the opportunity to serve has given me a purpose in retirement and kept me active.


It’s been an amazing ride. Being a volunteer Fire Fighter/EMT has made me a much better person and taught me some very important lessons in life.


It has demanded more of my time than I ever imagined. Being an officer is a big responsibility that I do not take lightly. I don’t want to let down my station or my community. However I have a passion for what I’m doing, and have always wanted to be a firefighter since I was a small boy.


Exciting, and rewarding, I’ve been doing this for a long time (25 years.) When I moved here I knew the County was busy and very progressive and I was surprised how well the fire departments in the County are trained and equipped.


When I started volunteering a few months ago, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was my first time getting involved with the fire & EMS community. There was some self-doubt; I wasn’t sure that I could actually contribute much of anything meaningful. All of that has changed. I’ve passed CPR and EVOC. I’m now taking HAZMAT and will be starting EMT-B shortly. I’ve grown in ways that I would never have expected when I joined. I’ve befriended folks who now feel more like extended family than anything. I’m more self-confident and self-assured. It is safe to say that my experience with volunteering has exceeded any expectations I had when I joined. My experiences have changed my life for the better, and will only continue to do so as my involvement increases.


It is what I was expecting. Work hard, play hard and go home feeling good that you made a difference, or at least tried to.